Results Update !!!

V2 Retail

Good results by the company, especially in the given consumption slowdown context.

God Bless !!!

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9 Responses to Results Update !!!

  1. vaibhav says:

    sir what’s your take on CCD founder going missing???

  2. AK says:

    Hi Ace,
    I am currently in the process of revisiting and analysing my holdings to suit the current scenario and as part of it, I am analysing management quality too. I remember sometime ago, you said that the promoters of one of the discussed companies being frugal in taking local train daily to the office – was it Aimco or Cybertech or Wanbury? I can’t seem to remember exactly. Could you please help and point at the relevant company? Thanks in advance!

  3. Prasant Chaudhry says:


    Your take on JHS results. My average is 41 and currently incurring huge loss. Please advise.


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