Results Update !!!

BSL Ltd.

Good results. Balance sheet debt is also reducing for last two quarters which is a positive.

Ambika Cotton Mills

Subdued results continue. This is a good company with strong balance sheet so hopefully the trend should change in future.

God Bless !!!


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2 Responses to Results Update !!!

  1. Mohit says:

    Jhs, Amtl ,Maxima all battered, then their is Sankhya which has eroded entire investment , any comments Ace.

    • JHS gave more than 2.5 times appreciation, sankhya had given 6 times return and AMTL had also almost doubled within a month. and as said amtl is just going through business cycle and we know the cycle has started improving now…so it has to go up.. maximaa i do not know what you are talking about….. so even after getting multi-bagger returns if one is unable to capitalize on it then that person has to introspect and question their own intelligence. God Bless !!!

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