Results Update !!!

Cupid Ltd.

Very good results, and the earnings juggernaut continue. Here is the management commentary.

Vidhi Speciality Food Ingredients Ltd.

Good results by the company.

Sahyadri Ind.

Average results.

Liberty Shoes

Average results but decent in the given context.

JHS Svendgaard Ltd.

Much better results after a long time. Here is the press release.

Cybertech Ltd.

Excellent results. The saga of wonderful earnings continue.

Aimco Pesticides

Average numbers though on a half yearly basis, the results are still good.

DHP India

Subdued numbers.

God Bless !!!



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12 Responses to Results Update !!!

  1. Sourabh says:

    Sir I have two doubts one on cybertech and other on liberty ..cybertech the initial theory was that company would be on high growth Stage but that has been absent now since 5 years ..yes the numbers are improving but not so much to call it wonderful ..and secondly on liberty ..all other shoe company have given revenue growth in this quarter and here liberty has degrown revenue by almost 20% so what context are u referring to ? And don’t mistake me ..these are genuine questions

    • i like the numbers of cybertech…maybe you have higher expectations but i like the growth of cybertech and as you rightly pointed out the original thesis has changed but i like the new script that cybertech is working with and is surely paying off. its a product company and they will work on products which they feel is right for their business and we have to just evaluate their actions. I am talking of the overall context of consumption and hopefully liberty would improve but they are still the laggards of their sector.

      • Sourabh says:

        Cybertech is growing at a rate of 15% ..for a company having 100 cr sales how is that great ? Why is company not getting orders if they have the tech advantage ? From 5 years there’s hardly any growth ..not even one big order

        • cybertech couldnt grow their domestic products business and so subsequently changed their strategy and even got new investors which also bought new guidance. now for last two years there’s substantial improvement in numbers and i am happy. One needs to see the trajectory and understand why there is a ‘J’ curve and if one is convinced only then one should invest( in any company for that matter).

  2. Dear Ace, Hope you are doing fine. I have found out through googling that SEIAA, Gujarat has granted the environmental clearance to the the capacity expansion project of Gujarat Themis Biosyn Ltd to expand capacity from 24.6 MT/month to 40 MT/month on 16.5.2019. But the company has not made a disclosure regarding the same. Any views on the same please?

  3. Mukul Sharma says:

    Thanks for results

  4. Sandeep says:

    Disappointing results from AMTL

  5. shailesh sharma says:

    Hello Sir,

    Hope you are in best of your health with the grace of almighty, am curious to know are there no new opportunities in small caps left now, you have totally stopped on giving your views on new companies.

    Please do share with us if any good opportunity is there. Also I wanted to add itc ltd for my childs future is it a good company to own for next 20 years in sip mode & what returns can I expect from it,

    Please do reply, eagerly waiting,

    Thanks & Regards,

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