Results Update !!!

Shree Keshav Cements

Decent results, but the performance needs to improve further. Promoters have increased stake with rights issue. Let’s closely monitor the performance.

BSL Ltd.

Decent resultswith operational improvement continuing.


Bad resultsand there’s big dearth of orders from the government. Its now a waiting game.

Vidhi Speciality Food Ingredients

Decent results.

DHP India

Good results.

JHS Svendgaard

Average results.

God Bless !!!

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15 Responses to Results Update !!!

  1. Pradeep,K says:

    Your view on Aimco Pesticides Q3 Results please!

  2. abhik says:

    RamInfo ? Out of your radar ?

  3. Ramesh Patel says:

    Ace, have you missed update on ASI Industries or no more tracking ? Q3 performance
    seems encouraging on the back of oher income of appx. 14 odd crores. It is a bit intriguing me ! Need your views pl……

  4. arnab says:

    what would be fair value of sika? what could be the potential upside from here?

  5. AK says:

    Hi Ace, Would you be bothered about the huge salary raise that the promoters gave themselves in the AGM last year? The base annual salaries of the 4 promoters(Pradeep, Sameer, Ashit, and Elizabeth) itself comes to around 2.64 crores. It forms around 30.8% of the Net profits for the last 12 months. Is this not on a higher range? Furthermore the ceiling for their annual salary until 2022 is 4.8 Crores(all 4 promoters combined) subject to the approval of the shareholders. The promoters were supposed to be decent, but I am not sure what to make of this huge raise. I would appreciate your view.

    • its steep if you look at it but then till last yr what were they drawing ? we have to see that also. we also need to put in context the performance of the company. where the company was at 10 yrs back and where it is now. promoters would also want to feel the progress of the company so i personally dont mind them taking slightly higher salary, though now the onus is on them to further improve the profits of the company (significantly). but yes no doubt right now it surely is elevated.

      • AK says:

        Thanks Ace. I agree. If the current raise as well as any future raises enabled by the remuneration ceiling set until 2022 reflects their confidence on business prospects and if their expectation does come to fruition, then the minority shareholders will have nothing to complain about.

    • Roshan says:

      Ak I believe it was these 2 brothers who turned around the business and did the ots with the bank ..more over they are highly qualified and probably can earn more than that elsewhere

  6. ravverma says:

    Hi Ace , ur view on garware polyster at current levels.

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