Queries Regarding Sika !!!

I am glad people are reading and listening to financial information and researching their respective companies – this i did not find in the earlier years. Good to know. One such company which hogged the limelight last weekend was Sika and people have flooded the blog asking the same thing again and again and therefore, I thought of updating it on the blog directly.

Sika has defence as main business and MRO as their second line of upcomig business which they want to make it big, so clearly when the Government gives Sops to both defence and MRO then SIKA is expected to be big beneficiary. This is not rocket science and sheer common sense. Hopefully lot of you figured out. So yes, the news is positive.

God Bless !!!

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12 Responses to Queries Regarding Sika !!!

  1. Roshan says:

    Sir any update on the civil licence which they were supposed to recieve …?

  2. nimesh gajra says:

    Thanks ace bhai….another script which I think would have positive news is advance metering since offlste EESL has become very aggressive for smart Meter
    However I tried a lot to get info about any new tender given to advance metering but could not find anything on the same

  3. ANKUSH PANWAR says:

    Hii….Ace sir….. thanks for your support always…….
    I just wanted to know your current analysis n insight about Wanbury ltd which story you had also very much conviction for their success in a very big way in future. I m seeing it interesting story in pharma sector because it’s hugely undervalued with compare to its Sales. Debt is hugely reducing during FY 2019-20. Among world leader in Various API manufacturing like – Metformin, tramadol, etc. having branded formulation portfolio ( despite of selling of 4 products to Cipla for 89 Cr in Feb 2020), Dedicated 2 plants for bulk drugs export to regulated market specially USA & EUROPE. 1 plant for unregulated market. Good presence in domestic formulation have renounced brands, good new products pipeline. Only mess was their debt which now seems getting resolved.
    I request you to please do your current analysis on the company recent updates on the exchanges n kindly share your views. Also if you have any insight n specific information on the company pl share.
    Thank you. Always obliged to you.

  4. Roshan says:

    What do you think about the latest decision to buy more Tejas LCA ..would that be a positive directly to sika ?

  5. skyflash912 says:

    hello sir, first of all I really want to thank you for sharing your knowledge and picks, those are really helpful, as I was through sika’s annual report , it looks they have invested in Franklin India plans, do you think its going to negatively impact them?

    • since its excess liquidity parked, it may impact their balance sheet but not their operations. Also, as far as i know not all of this money is lost, but yes it will take long time to recover and investors might recover most of it, if not all. but balance sheet in the near term is impacted i suppose (personal sense). its better to get in touch with the CS and get their take on it.

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