Gujarat Themis Biosyn Ltd – 5 times in 4.3 yrs !!!

Congratulations to all the investors of Gujarat Themis for multiplying their investments by more than 5 times.

God Bless !!!

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10 Responses to Gujarat Themis Biosyn Ltd – 5 times in 4.3 yrs !!!

  1. nimesh gajra says:

    When can we expect new share analysis from ur side ace bhai? Looking at the market sentiment i think its right time to enter the small and mid cap zone?

  2. Sowrabh Karkala says:

    Sir could u please give an update on wanbury financial knowledge isn’t that great to understand such complex nature of the debt restructuring ..all I know is they sold some brands to cipla last year for 90 crores to reduce debt ..could u give us your understanding on what’s happening with Edelweiss and how much money they are pumping in ..? Would help if u could give it under a seperate post …thank you

  3. sakthisiddha says:

    Ace Sir, your view on HFCL, Stel holding and balmer Lawrie. Waiting for your opinion sir.

  4. Hi Ace
    Hope you and your family are doing well.
    Could you please share which of the companies discussed in blog is great buy now after covid volatility.

  5. tejas Dongre says:

    Bro gujthem is in LC now… can you speculate the reason! will be of great help!
    cheers brother… i have some serious amount of money involved in this stock!

    • what’s the point of speculation? and more importantly at times like these one should ask oneself on what basis did one take a trade and its answer will give you a sense of conviction. Without research conviction does not come so pls research properly and not rely on ‘speculation’.

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