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Aimco Pesticides – Update !!!

Recently Aimco has uploaded their first ever investor presentation which is quite comprehensive and is scheduled to have a investor’s call today. Whosoever has any questions can get clarification from the management directly. God Bless !!!

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Results Update !!!

Wanbury Ltd. Thankfully as expected the company got the cashfrom the sale AND they have used it to repay their debt – everything was accounted in the last quarter. This means that the thesis is playing out and hopefully in … Continue reading

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Bharti Airtel – A stock in a Strategic Sector

Bharti Airtel needs no introduction and therefore, I do not have to write much, but will give a short thesis. Bharti Airtel is one of the world’s largest telecom company (w.r.t no. of subscribers) and “was” operating in one of … Continue reading

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Wanbury – My Personal Thoughts !!!

Wanbury’s business was never a question mark, only its debt was and now that the company is addressing the debt problem , I believe its re-rating is due. As I had written in this blog, the company has some wonderful … Continue reading

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Results Update !!!

DHP India Very good results for the quarter. Cupid Ltd. Good results. Here is the management‘s take on results. Advance Metering Tech Bad results but it was expected. Till the tendering of smart meters dont take off, it will stay … Continue reading

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