Aimco Pesticides – Update !!!

Recently Aimco has uploaded their first ever investor presentation which is quite comprehensive and is scheduled to have a investor’s call today. Whosoever has any questions can get clarification from the management directly.

God Bless !!!

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5 Responses to Aimco Pesticides – Update !!!

  1. Parthiban Subramanian says:

    Hi ace.. thanks for the information.. what is your view on Tyche industries?

    • appears to be decent on declines i think.

      • moosecold says:

        Dear aceinvestortrader,
        How can I get your new calls, its been long time and no new calls posted here.

        • well, i dont give calls, i just give my personal perspective. I had last month given my perspective on wanbury and with god’s grace the thesis both in terms of price and fundamentals seems to be on track (still a long way to go though to keep improving). you can follow the blog and so whenever there is a new post you will get notified. I am rounding on to a new story which seems interesting….hopefully will get time to jot down the notes. God Bless !!!

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