I am an investor in the Indian stock markets from a long time now. I use my own custom made software platform to help me in my research. I employ a host of machine learning algorithms and big data techniques to narrow on my stock selection. I believe a combination of technical and fundamental analysis is the best way to create wealth in the long term. I do not try to find stocks that look good today, but I am always on the look for stocks that would prove to be big winners in the near and medium term. I also do not believe in buy and forget theory. I do not try to talk about a lot of stocks but whatever I discuss, it is safe to assume that I would have vested interest in the stock and one should take his own decision while buying or selling or holding the stock. I would not be giving any buy/sell/hold calls here. My Aim is to compound money and my objective is to make this compounding faster than usual. This blogs presents stock story and not research and does not ask investors to buy/sell/hold anything. Investors should take their own decision, ask their investment advisor or better go via mutual fund way. This blog should be considered as my digital diary for my own keeps.

P.S: This blog is not involved in any commercial activities (and has never been) and there’s no charged service of any kind. The blog is purely academic in nature and does not believe in charging any money for anything. The blog is completely free, just and fair for everybody. PLS DO NOT GET INFLUENCED BY WHAT IS WRITTEN ON THIS BLOG. ONE SHOULD DEPEND ON THEIR OWN RESEARCH.

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Disclaimer: I AM NOT REGISTERED WITH SEBI. As per the clarifications provided by SEBI: “Any person who makes recommendation or offers an opinion concerning securities or public offers only through public media is not required to obtain registration as research analyst under RA Regulations”. Readers are advised to not take any action on their trades based on what is written on this blog and should strictly consult with their own financial/investment advisor. Furthermore, its safe to assume that I/relatives will have vested interest in any stock story that i discuss. For novice investors, SEBI registered mutual funds are the best route.

God Bless !!!

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  1. Mahendra says:

    Can you please give your expert comments/Report on WIM PLAST LTD. ?

    • Wim plast is a decent company. I am not sure what is your buying price and how long can you hold, but if you take a few years view it should reward you. Please understand good money is made when the stock is breaking out after a long consolidation or it is starting to turn around in terms of performance. And the best money is made when there is a combination of both. This stock broke out at a price of around 250 after a long consolidation. It should go up even from here and if the fundamental performance keeps pace it should go way higher. Keep a watch on it if you buy any stock and take informed decision.

  2. NIRAJ says:

    I have been following you since quite a while now.
    can u share your email id on niraj@sarafs.in
    Need to contact for some discussion.

  3. Srinivas says:

    Hi Acetrader,

    I just stumbled on ur blog, great picks, im feeling sad that i have come across your blog so late. How long have you been running this blog, I went through all your recommendations looks like you are very active from jan 2014. anyways ill follow your recos from now :).


    • Do not feel sad. Its never too late. Tomorrow I am going to post another pick. Take the idea, research it even more and if found convincing, buy. Best of Luck with your investments.

  4. sir, kindly do not comment in the About Page. It makes the page messy. Please.


    Today I came to know abt ur blog it’s very interesting, ur stock picks are unbelievable, doing very good research, may I know how u r recommending weather it is weekly or monthly, I would like to follow u sir

  6. Rahul Singh says:

    Sir please share your view on SSLT, I have 100@280/- should I hold.

  7. sai says:

    can you please provide your expter comment on GINNI FILAMENTS? buy or sell?

  8. VINAY says:


  9. Sidhu says:

    Sir, I am in huge loss in GMR Infra and Jai corp at current price. What do you suggest for next 3 months?

  10. sai says:

    I have brought Garware wallropes at 168 rs around 400 rs..Please suggest to keep this share or sell it as it is going down…


  11. Tanmay Gupta says:

    Do have a look at Saurashtra Cement. One of the cheapest cement stocks available at throwaway prices. Posted a Q`1 EPS of Rs 3 which was reduced due to an abnormal depreciation write off as compared to the yearly 2013-14 EPS of Rs 3.83 which rallied the stock to Rs 65. That abnormal depreciation write off which was one time reduced the companies EPS from about Rs. 6 to Rs 3. This is all visible in the Q`1 results.
    It should post a minimum EPS of Rs 15 for this year. It is currently quoting at Rs. 56.5 At this price, it is value buy.
    I attended its AGM near its cement plant in Ranavav, Gujarat. The company should be able to repay most of its debt by this year end seeing the massive cash reserves which should make it debt free in a year`s time. It has a 65% promoter holding which is very favourable.
    This is a turnaround story as the company having posted a Rs (-) 2.21 EPS in the last year September quarter will be posting a minimum EPS of Rs 4.5 for this year Q`2. Results coming on 6th November.
    Do have an independent look at the company profile and financials and buy at your own conviction. It`s a sure shot multibagger trading at such a low P/E.
    Disclosure: Having interest in it

  12. Vasim says:

    ” I use my own custom made software platform to help me in my research. I employ a host of machine learning algorithms and big data techniques to narrow on my stock selection.”

    Dear Sir,

    If only you believe this would be fine. We would be much interested in knowing about the above statement. I love to do research and have gone through few AR (small cap) but would love to know where should I start/stop looking.

    As of now I use screener.in for finding/researching any new idea.

    Your Fan

    • not sure if i understood your point but let me try. You should take a few companies that you like…research it and its competitors and see which one is best and “why” …that should be a starting point. you should get into only those companies who’s business you understand

  13. rakesh says:

    how to be aware of posting here. any ideas.

  14. pawan gupta says:

    you are doing great work for small investors like me. I have come to know very late about your site. Please include me for all your future update
    pawan gupta

  15. ashish007 says:

    Plzzzz tell me multibegger stocks

  16. Kranthi says:

    Hi .ur stocks picks r excellent .how to see ur stock picks . Can u please tell me

  17. Dr . Milind Madhani says:


  18. sanjay modi says:

    Dear Sir,
    I am new to this blog please help me with your future tips.
    Thanks and regards

  19. deepak sharma says:

    plz add me sir thanks regards deepak sharma

  20. ranuyogi says:

    Dear sir,

    What is ur view on SKM egg at cmp for long term ?

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