Results Update !!!

BSL Ltd.

Decent results by the company. It finally seems to be getting its act together.

Aimco Pesticides

Very good results by Aimco. This one keeps on growing and increasing its cash balance and expanding without any debt. As probably said before, this one looks for keeps.

God Bless !!!

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Results Update !!!

Sahyadri Industries

Good results by the company.

Singer India

Good results on back of growth in both the segments of business.

Gujarat Themis

As usual, decent stable results by the company.

God Bless !!!

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Results Update !!!

Bharat Financial

Company continues to deliver good results.

Rajoo Engg.

Average results.


Good results this quarter too, especially on the operational front.

God Bless !!!

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Sankhya – Update !!!

Sankhya seems to be bottoming out and at 54-55 appears to give excellent risk-reward ratio. The selling seems to be exhausted as the volumes on down days are very less and on up days its a lot more. After showing significant positive divergence on the medium term charts, the medium term trend has turned to the upside after a long time and the momentum on medium term charts has already broken out signalling the upside will pick up steam in the coming days. Since the trend has changed to the upside and the price is near its lows the risk reward is strongly in favor. Fundamentally, it appears they are getting better with disclosures as evident from their recent disclosure about the small pledge the promoters had made. This will help investors take an informed decision at the right time and save the surprises, if any. Technically, all indications are pointing on a sustained upmove now though SLs are always a good idea.

God Bless !!

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Results Update !!!

Freshtrop Fruits

Good results by the company with nonseasonal fruits export picking volume.

Prima Plastics

Good results by prima with very good topline growth and decent operational performance.

God Bless !!!

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Results Update !!!

V2 Retail

Very good results by the company. Here’s the press release by the company.

God Bless !!!

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Results Update !!!

Cupid Ltd.

Not so encouraging set of numbers. The growth is important to small caps but so is orderbook and quality of management and thankfully in the last two accounts, the investors have reason to cheers. Although the numbers have almost halved but the OPMs are more or less consistent and that’s a silver lining here. The company conducts con-calls and one should attend the call if there’s any questions or doubts. Here’s the press release.

God Bless !!!

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