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Mangalam Drugs And Organics – Changing Business Fortunes, Backed By Technicals

Background: Mangalam Drugs and Organics (MDOL) is a pharma company that was set up in 1972 as part of the Mangalam group. MDOL manufactures bulk drugs, and organic and inorganic chemicals for Antimalarial and Anti-retroviral (i.e. Anti –AIDS) usage. The … Continue reading

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Aro Granite – A Cheap, But High Value Growth Stock

There is difference between analyzing a stock and researching a stock. This stock story is the perfect case study for it. Nowadays, where anything and everything to do with granites/ceramics/tiles is going out of roof, its very difficult to get … Continue reading

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Liberty Shoes – A Thought – At least A doubler in next 15 months even from these levels

Note: This is not the stock idea of Monday. The stock idea of Monday would be posted on Monday only 🙂 . Liberty Shoes had been consolidating for some time now, but now its looking strong, having closed above 315rs. … Continue reading

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Aimco Pesticides Ltd. – A turnaround Agrochemical Wonder Brand

Aimco Pesticides Limited (Aimco) is a leading company in the field of Agrochemical manufacturing and formulation and is a major player in Insecticides, Fungicides and Herbicides, in India and now expanding its wings across the world. Aimco is a manufacturer … Continue reading

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The Best Brand In the Business – Bisleri (Orient Beverages)

  “Bisleri dena bhaiya” is a common conation when asking for Mineral Water. Such is the power of brand “Bisleri” that its become synonymous with Mineral water. As they say, one of the best investments is to invest in the … Continue reading

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Singer India – A Rare Financially Strong Turnaround Small Cap Gem

“Singer” is a legendary brand and is synonyms with sewing machines worldwide, though its business has evolved over the last few decades. Singer India Ltd, is the listed Indian subsidiary of Singer. Last decade had been really bad for singer … Continue reading

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Value and Variety Retail Ltd (V2 Retail)- Buy

Let me tell you a story – An ambitious physically challenged, young guy who lives in a chawl like building, in a 600sqft rented flat along with his 20-22 family members decides to live his dream. He tries his hand … Continue reading

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