Results Update !!!

Liberty shoes

Results ->

Overall results are decent, both topline and bottomline. The results would have been better had the first quarter of FY15 been better.

Vidhi Dyestuff

Results ->

Stellar Results. Another year of around 33% topline growth and 100% bottomline growth. The company is doing a good job exceeding our expectations and its growing at 30-35% CAGR for last so many years. One could continue writing about this company but i think its very clear that we have a strong winner in our hands now.

Prima Plastics

Results ->

The standalone results are very good, both on topline and especially on bottomline. Unfortunately the ACP division continues to play the spoil sport as it reported nearly 80% of its sales (which again were very low YoY) as loss but inspite of all this the company has reported a very strong bottomline with plastic division recording around 200 basis points higher margins YoY. the consolidated results may look disappointing but its important to note that crude benefits would have started by Nov last year, as they have a yr end of DEC (and till December though crude came down quite a bit but its possible that they might have incurred inventory losses). Again, what’s very encouraging is the standalone quarter’s results. the profitability is excellent and most heartening is the increase in dividend payout. This year they are paying 1.5rs VS 1rs dividend that was paid last year. clearly this increased dividend is coming inspite of lowering of consolidated profits. its quite possible they are gauging strong profit generation because, as on date they have almost crossed halfway mark in their cameroon operations. Anyways, the domestic operations would start showing marked improved starting this quarter and therefore for coming few quarters all YoY results are expected to be very good. Yes, consolidated bottomline not that great but its not bad either and more importantly the standalone results are very encouraging and add to it increased payout, this now becomes a very safe stock with limited downside.

Orient Beverage

Results ->

The results are good on topline but may look muted on the bottomline front for the quarter but its important to note that the bottomline was brought down by “prior” expenses – details of which are available in the foot notes. The company needs to continue working on improving OPM, which it is as I am made to understand. URJA’s plant would also be operational shortly.

Freshtrop Fruits

Results ->

Results as expected are slightly muted for the quarter though decent for the year. As the company has indicated the coming quarter might be muted too. So expectations management has been done by the company. This one may needs some patience but the quality of company is very good.

V2 Retail

Results ->

Results are good on the topline for the quarter and especially for the entire year. The stock-in-trade was a spoil sport for this quarter’s bottomline but overall the results are good, though equity dilution is also to be kept in mind. Turnaround is now confirmed.

Simmonds Marshall

Results ->

Good results both for the quarter and the year. The board is also paying 0.5rs dividend. The stock as expected has grown very well in the last few years an continues to do so. With the recent interview that we saw on CNBC, the future also looks very promising.

Gujarat Themis

Results ->

The topline grew as expected though the bottomline was muted for the quarter on back of higher other expenditure. For the entire year also the stock did well, but as mentioned in the stock story we are here for the next round of substantial earnings increase. We should hear something about the Lupin deal shortly. One should accumulate on all declines.

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50 Responses to Results Update !!!

  1. Akshay says:

    thanks for the update 🙂

  2. shreeux says:

    Thanks for update…make confident to hold…

  3. STP says:

    could not understand why prima is down despite the results being decent if not good… it hurts to see our favourite stock being killed by traders 😦

  4. Suneetha says:

    Thanks for Update ! My major holdings Prima & Vidhidyes ! Prima needs some more patience ! Appreciating your efforts & Updates ! Thanks a ton !

  5. Roshan says:

    ace wat bout aimco pesticides result?

  6. Please share your view on Adlabs Entertainment. I expect it to be profitable by next year and it’s real trading at mouth watering price.

  7. Nandita says:

    I hold equal amount (in terms of purchase value) of mangalam drugs and gujarat themis bio. For the purpose of adding more, which of the two would you advise?

  8. Nandita says:

    🙂 That is the problem. I am convinced about both. That is why i bought both in equal amount. But perhaps it is not a right question to ask u since both are ur picks. All the same thanks for both the recommendations. I am hugely convinced about both of them. Mangalam moreover has shown a superb spike today 🙂 If it corrects i will buy more. meanwhile i will add guj themis on dips below 40.

  9. somitosh says:

    On my email query they confirmed that they have sold ACP division

    • ok, but any idea when it was sold…basically i am curious to understand how it got operating income in ACP if its closed. its only possible if the ACP was closed not at the starting of the quarter but probably sometime “during” the quarter.. its important to understand this because if we know there’ll be no operating income (and therefore, no operating loss) because of ACP starting this quarter then we can safely say that from now on, the standalone operations would have very strong profitability.

  10. Raj says:

    Hi Ace
    Did you happen to see Country Condos.
    Strong Numbers backed by Promoter Buying.
    Seems something cooking.
    Your views please.

  11. STP says:

    sirjee, is it advisable to add prima at the current levels or should one wait for it decline n consolidate further……

  12. somitosh says:

    On my email query they confirmed that they have sold ACP division in ‘January End ‘

  13. Mayur says:

    Hi Ace, your views on Associated Stone Industries (Kotah)?
    In Today’s filing to BSE -> “the Commercial Production has been commenced at the Company’s Subsidiary viz. Al Rawasi Rock & Aggregate LLC, having Limestone Quarry and Crusher Unit at Fujairah, UAE with effect from June 02, 2015.”

  14. hardyboy says:

    how is career point for long term.available below bv

  15. Dear aceinvestortrader,
    First, I started following your blog recently. I must say, impressed with your style – your are good at spotting opportunities early, your posts are informative and your responses are witty:)..
    Enjoying it.
    There are several common interests between us likes of waterbase, vidhi, etc.
    I am studying Liberty and Mirza (Red Tape) stocks to choose between for my investment.

    My quick reading on Liberty is as follows:
    Looking at Liberty results.
    Around 10% increase in sales (which is not much for a growth oriented company) and its operating margins % has gone down. Finance cost is stable. Profit before tax is almost flat y o y. Tax provision release and MAT rebate gave back 2 Cr in the kitty, which helped EPS to grow y o y. EPS is 10 (9.93).
    Next year there would not be much tax benefit so not expecting huge boost in EPS as tax downside will offset operational upside.
    Promoter stake is stable.
    Balance sheet is okay from long term perspective but they have inefficient working capital situation. They are carrying 30% inventory compared to their annual sales coupled with significant receivables (20% of sales), is putting pressure on working capital so short debt situation is worrisome.
    Cash and Quick ratios are not healthy.
    So a PE of 22X already looks quite high for near term. Long term views are positive but not expecting a great appreciation for 1-2 years from this level.
    Really look forward to getting your views.

    • i am very bullish on liberty…since it is under re-structuring a bit of temporary inefficiencies could come but i am not worried.yes re-structuring is delayed by an year but in the next 3 years this could be the story to watch out for. Market cap is small as compared to industry size and therefore, for a medium sized portfolio it could be a good 3-5 year bet

  16. Gopal says:

    Hi Ace,

    Can you please give your views on Kanoria Chemicals & Industries Ltd??

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