Results Update !!!

Sahyadri Industries

Excellent set of numbers. Looks like demonetization is working wonders for the company and they seem to have found their mojo in terms of operational performance. Great Valuations too.

Rajoo Engg

Subdued set of numbers, but we know that promoters have taken warrants so probably they expect something positive in future.

Mangalam Drugs

Decent numbers given the pharma backdrop.

Ambika Cotton

Good numbers and a steady compounder. Difficult to go wrong here.

Shri Keshav Cements and Infra

Very good set of numbers. Strong growth and great valuations.

Sankhya Infotech

Again good numbers . The valuations are juicy and looks cheap.

Pressman Adv

Decent numbers.

God Bless !!!

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87 Responses to Results Update !!!

  1. Akshay says:

    Thanq for the update

  2. Suman says:

    Sahyadri industries results are for the period March to June 2017. (prior to GST rollout). I feel the effects of GST is to be seen in results of coming quarters. Could you please clarify if my understanding is correct ?

  3. roop says:

    sir your views on pressman results. looks like below expectations

  4. Shri Keshav Cements and Infra is it cheaper to buy now?

  5. meetu says:

    Ace ,Can we buy sahydari for long term?

    • buying/selling/holding is your own decision. I have given my take on the results, rest, there is enough material available on the blog and the ARs. pls go through them and build your conviction.

  6. agassociates says:

    Happy Independence Day to all Indians.

  7. Arun k singh says:

    Hi Ace!!
    What are ur views on
    Texmaco Rail
    Gpt Infra
    Bala ji tele
    Arrow green tech

  8. Manish says:

    Dear Ace ,
    Please provide your result analysis of JHS Svendgaard. Thanks


  9. S hemasankar says:

    I am new to your blog sir…eagerly waiting for ur next stock…

  10. ketan savla says:

    any new script you would like to discuss or mention

  11. ravverma says:

    hi ace ur view on tyche industries

  12. Prashant says:

    Dear ACEji,
    hope you are in good health . Our V2 retails is climbing new mountains everyday . This is amazing and thrilling journey of the conviction . These gains are no less dream for small fish like me . Heartfelt thanks for so many GEMS like Cupid, Prima, V2 , Vidhi … and list goes on .
    Thanks a lot for your selfless service, guidance , teachings .

    Best regards,

  13. Neeraj says:

    How is Ujjivan at current valuations

  14. Neeraj says:

    Sir, Asian oil field promoter are getting lot of order. Does it look more attractive than alphageo

    • both are decent at significant declines …..

      • Neeraj says:

        Just for knowledge.

        Which company performs well in price, company A which is showing good numbers from long time, has low PE & Good management or company B which for which new management is bring lot of order but still equivalent to company A & is yet to show mumbers.

        The point is one is value pick vs. other is growth pick.

        Recent decline in alphageo of more than 30%….is there any reason specific to it

        • there could be several factors but if the underline business is fine, then one need not worry on 50% declines also….but again …context matters, so take a decision after thorough research.

  15. Rahul says:

    Sir, 3 stocks that you are most bullish on.
    And if you have or had them you would not mind holding it for 5 years.

  16. Neeraj says:

    Your views on hesterboscience

  17. Peush says:

    Seek your opinion on medical diagnostic business growth vs govt intervention of caps on price of some areas.

    • caps on businesses can be seen both ways, its negative in short term but also acts as an entry barrier for new aspirants thereby helping the present businesses. Furthermore, there arent too many barriers that i see currently on diagnostic businesses. Let’s see how it pans out now

  18. Mukund says:

    Sir any view on Wanbury results?

  19. Ronan says:

    Sir is Aimco good to buy at CMP if one gets a chance or wait for some consolidation

  20. skrai81 says:

    Dear Sir,
    What is your view on Snowman logistics, Firstsource and HEG at current price.

  21. Vaibhav says:

    Hi sir, your views on poddar pigment, chaman lal and indian metals?

  22. BIRSHA HALDER says:

    hi ace,
    thank you for your hardwork and guidance. V2 is planning to enter ecommerce and “transportation” business as per their last board meeting minutes. They had tried ecommerce business earlier and then backed out. do you think this is an unnecessary risk considering their core business is doing so well. Also please guide us if you know anything about “transportation” business mentioned. I am planning to attend v2 AGM in Sep end. Ill try to get some guidance there. However if you have any comments please share.

  23. Roshan says:

    Ace…with Cyber tech being blacklisted by AMC ..How big an impact do u think this will have in the company securing future contracts from other municipal bodies ?

  24. Suneetha says:

    Plz share your view on Indian Hume Pipes ! Thanks in advance!

  25. pruthvi says:

    sir, pls share your view on LEEL ELECTRIC. After Rs 1550 Cr…….! cash reciept from Havells from CD bussiness sale.
    LEEL Electric is now a debt free company with a turnover to equity ratio over 50, EPS over 30 on the most conservative side ,book value over 500, with a pledge free promoter holding off over 55% growing at a CAGR of almost over 30% and customers being all the leaders of the industry and that too in a highly capital intensive manufacturing facilities and with a cash rich balance sheet, much more…..all this at a price of 180 per share or less than a market capitalisation of 720 crores.. AWAITING YOUR COMMENT

  26. KKR says:

    Sir views on Cybertech results please

  27. 1000cr says:

    i would like to follow your blog for any new post, but i am unable to find the follow button. the help section states that we need to be invited to follow a certain blog. Please help..!!

  28. pratsar says:

    That the company is performing poorly is very well reflected in its share price, trading close to 52 week lows and down almost 50% from its 52 week high. The most worrying aspect for an investor is that even at the CMP of around Rs. 54/- which is close to its 52 week low, its highly overvalued based on the financials it has been posting quarter on quarter.

  29. Girish says:

    On this auspicious occasion, Wishing you a Happy Ganesh Chaturthi.

  30. pavans13 says:

    Dear Ace…. Wish you happy ganesh chaturti 🙂


    wish u and ur family a very happy ganesh chaturthi sir.

  32. Neeraj says:

    HOw is Federal bank is positioned in banking sector?


    dear ace sir, do u track divyashakti granite..what is ur view in it.thnk u.

  34. ravverma says:

    hi ace ur view on prime securities and yuken

  35. Ynrai says:


    Appreciate your view on chemcrux and Vesuvius.


  36. Ramesh Patel says:

    Ace, your opinion about Karnataka Bank please..

  37. AK says:

    JHS results are out and the company continues posting profit in the last quarter too.Topline increased by 24.5% YoY and 6.5% QoQ. The profit before exceptional item and tax has taken a hit due to the increased expenses, especially the 2.53 crore excise duty, which was 0 last time. Not sure what the excise duty is about – import of any machinery? Otherwise the profit growth would have been very healthy. While it is a given that the settlement amount of 27.27 Crores(after tax, it will be a bit lower) is a one time income, it has come timely for funding the expansion planned currently and would enhance the topline and bottomline in the coming quarters. Overall nice results for a FMCG supplier/emerging player with a PE of around 14.

    Ace, you expert take on this please.

  38. Ronan says:

    Sir Request your view on pioneer Invest corp

  39. Prem says:

    Hello ace sir whats ur view on White Organics??

  40. mannan says:

    Sir, Eagerly waiting for the next stock observation. When will you post information about a new stock. JHS was your last one, and it was some time back.

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