Results Update !!

I was waiting for Wanbury Results to give a complete update of the results verdict. The Results are available on exchanges so not repeating them, just giving my rating of those results. The discussion on results are already there on various blog post comments.

Srno Company Name Result Verdict
1 SKS Great results
2 Orient Beverages Great Results
3 Wanbury Results Not as per expectations and subject to more details. Please read the answers to rohit and sam comments in previous post.
4 Aimco Great Results
5 Aro Granite Decent results, though bottomline was a hit.
6 Freshtrop Great Results
7 Waterbase Good Results. Topline better than what I had personally expected and bottomline hit because of trax provisions therefore, not a worry. Operating performance was very good
8 V2 Results Great Results
9 Cupid Great Results
10 Liberty Shoes Good Results.
11 Singer India Good Results.
12 Sharp India Average Results. Topline growth is very encouraging although bottomline disappointed.
13 Cybertech Average Results.
14 Prima Great Results

Whosoever is comfortable, please email me ( your individual holding on companies that have been recommended on this blog. Just the name, not the number of shares that you hold.

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111 Responses to Results Update !!

  1. Akshit says:

    Mailed you already

  2. venkata says:

    Wish list to buy the stocks in this order, Please correct it with your preference of order
    1. PRIMA
    2. V2 retail
    4. CUPID

  3. sangram says:

    Mailed you aceji

  4. venkata says:

    can you please share your views on Jubilant life sciences..

  5. shreeux says:

    Hi Ace,
    Mailed you, Curious to know…any purpose or reply with any news..!
    Share views on Fiem Industries…!!!

  6. DM says:

    Hi Ace,

    Could you please mention out of these which company can one invest for long term at cmp?


  7. sam says:

    Seems like skm egg has corrected quite a bit and its ready for second run…promoters are also buying heavily at 100 levels..whats your view Ace?

  8. Ankit says:

    Please let us know “Other Expense” in wanbury result being higher if you come to know….One time stuff not worried

  9. pradeep says:

    Dear sir can u pls share ur view on ganesh ecosphere nilkamal and dio global

  10. Chirag says:

    Hi Sir, please advice me on Sanghi Industries..

  11. Ravi multani says:

    hello ace
    pls give ur view on bengal and assam..
    it is quoting damn cheap…it’s total investment is close to 4000 crore and it’s mcap is only 400 crore…I know u r fan of growth stock then also pls give ur valuable view…can it catch up to the valuation of 20 percent so the stock can go to 1000.. pls share ur view…thanks

  12. sam says:

    Hi Ace..what are your views on Natural Capsules? Is it a good by in your opinion at cmp?

  13. anujpress24 says:

    Hi Ace,

    So cybertech with Avg result ,how do you see it in future will it perform 🙂

    Also can please just tell how much down Wanbury will now come considering not that good results. Will it come to single digit 😦 Just asking so that atleast we will know how much loss will be there ..


  14. shreeux says:

    Hi Ace,
    Mailed you, Curious to know…any purpose or reply with any news..!
    Share views on Fiem Industries…!!!

  15. Chirag says:

    Hello Ace, please let advice me on Sanghi Industries, I have read about this in your earlier threads…

  16. Chirag says:

    Boss after your on your blog I repost my query, it would be great if you can advice me please..

  17. mailed you sir eagerly waiting for your reply

  18. Dear ACe,
    iam holding
    1.primaplastic@50 majorly
    2.cybertech@64 major
    3.v2retail@31 medium
    4.simmonds@67 minor part of my portfolio

  19. Chirag says:

    I mean after searching on your blog I reposted my query..

  20. Ram says:

    Dear ace,
    can one look at Tilak nagar industries after its correction due to its knee jerk quarterly results or what?

  21. ALAM says:

    Sir, I am holding Aimco @68, and V2 retail @ 23, and watching your recommendation since last one month only and finding very informative and deep analysis, willing to buy Prima Plastic, do you still advice to buy Wanbury

  22. Jitesh says:

    Dear Ace…i have sent you email..need a clear thought from you…do you feel we should move out of wanbury and cybertech? i am long term investor in these 2 stocks but right now in losses…i will wait n can wait for long term only if you feel value is there for us and unlocking can happen in near future…i trust your research and your words can provide us some relief…also i wish if u can talk to management of these companies..

  23. neelbasura says:

    How is Kesar Terminal and KNR Constructions for 2-3 years investment at cmp?

  24. neelbasura says:

    Do you like Greenply/Century ply for long term? If so, which one do you like more? I am convinced about the potential of both but can’t choose the best between these two

  25. neelbasura says:

    What’s your take on Whirlpool for long term? Basant ji mentioned about it in his recent interview in NDTV

  26. neelbasura says:

    I was keeping eclerx services in my portfolio for last two years. Its been a great stock so far. Do you think future growth prospect still intact for the company? Similarly how would you rate IL&FS Investment managers w.r.t future growth?
    I know both are safe bets but not sure how would they perform in next 2-3 years especially when quite a few other attractive bets are available.

  27. psvsv says:

    Dear Aceji,
    Mailed you my holdings from your recommendation.

  28. Ramesh says:

    Whats your purpose for asking readers to mail you the holdings from your recommendations?

  29. Shaan says:

    Why dont you share everything on the blog rather than asking readers to mail you their holdings. This does not sound ethical.

    • not everyone is comfortable doing that i know. Secondly, i am not asking to mail them their holdings but just the ones they have invested from this blog. There’s huge difference. Also, if it does not sound ethical to you then your ethics and mine are different and most importantly its voluntary.

    • RightStock says:

      Hi Shan,
      I myself don’t want to publish my identity in a public forum. But I’m ok to have personal message. For me, Ace asking to pm is the right way to do as have to know the feedback of what his folders like/ do with the info published by him. How can this be unethical?

  30. Raja says:

    Wanbury has 1 lakh sellers and absolutely no buyers! Hope it stabilises at 40 and doesn’t go into a free fall! HUGE loss for me already 😦

    • were you not convinced about the business before you bought? the exceptional items is part of cleaning up the balance sheet and in short term it might be of pain but its great for long term. Anyways as i said yesterday i am not selling my holding. God Bless

    • Manoj says:

      As per a rule I am following with Ace recommendations, I am averaging every stock which falls more than 20% below my buy price. Did it for Prima, Cybertech. Will do for Wanbury if opportunity comes 🙂

  31. Jitesh says:

    Dear Ace…i have sent you email..need a clear thought from you…do you feel we should move out of wanbury and cybertech? i am long term investor in these 2 stocks but right now in losses…i will wait n can wait for long term only if you feel value is there for us and unlocking can happen in near future…i trust your research and your words can provide us some relief…also i wish if u can talk to management of these companies..

    • if i didnt feel there’s value why would i recommend? It seems you are working on borrowed conviction and thats not good. have u understood the comments, that i wrote in reply to wanbury’s results? it might help you. I have been part of SKS restructuring process and i know it takes patience but then not all investors are patient. So if you are patient, you know my view and if not then you know what to do.. god Bless

      • Jitesh says:

        Dear Ace…since i am in learning mode, i am unable to think and do the research the way you do..all i know is i am blessed to be a part of this blog. For me your viewpoint was very important after the results and since i have invested my money it means i have huge faith in you and please note i am not in hurry to multiply my money..let it compound slowly…just your kind words help us to stay strong in turbulent times…i don’t doubt the recommendations and that is why i have invested good sum in apologies if my words hurt you..but i am your true follower and will always respect you..God bless you sir.

  32. Hi Ace, Please recommend me some book that could help me understand the equity market. someday in future,i want to be as good as you in fundamental analysis.

  33. Ramesh says:

    Hi Ace,

    Your kind opinion on Ujaas Energy pls? Thanks

  34. Sameer Anand says:

    Huge volumes in Cupid today. Lot of supply coming in at upper circuit.

    • are sir, if it was going on LC with lots of pending orders then people were saying noone is buying…now someone is realizing the value and buying you worried why so many people selling. Why have a negative view? Why dont you see there are people “buying”. if the prices are going up with volume thats a great indicator. Technically also what matters is the orders executed. So its going down on low volumes and up on massive volumes which is good. Rest like in cricket everyone is an expert in stock markets (Pun intended) … God Bless

      • indianbull10 says:

        Ace, since u mentioned cricket, am an avid cricket follower and sad news that Australian cricketer Phillip Hughes passed away today after being hit by bouncer 2 days back. All cricket across the world suspended today. Indeed a sad news. May his young 25 year old soul rest in peace 😦

  35. Govind Toshniwal says:

    hi ace,
    pls share ur view on natural capsules at current cmp, volume is very low in this counter is that effect share price movement technically pls guide.

  36. sangram says:

    Aceji look at singer slowly inching up

  37. indianbull10 says:

    Ace, can i accumulate more V2 today?

  38. Niranjan says:

    Hi ace

    Does it look like prima made a double bottom at 42 levels? Both yesteday and today it touched those levels and closing at 47 area..

    • lets not get into technicals 🙂 but long term picture of prima is “brilliant” …

      • Niranjan says:

        Oh ya absolutely. I bought on seeing the big picture. technical s is for fun exercise and sometimes helps you give a good entry points in buying. For now I have completed all my buying in Prima. Will just periodically review the business performance going forward.

  39. Dinesh Jain says:


  40. indianbull10 says:

    Ace, any idea about KDDL? its management says “see 30% growth in retail” and “EBITDA margins to be better”

    • kddl is decent, if they can scale up their online operations their EBITA should be good. and this company is expected to do better when the economy is vibrant therefore, right now it could be ok time

      • indianbull10 says:

        hmm ok… another news, amazon interested in buying jabong. the race is on and its heating up in the ecommerce space.

      • indianbull10 says:

        Ace, am stunned by these numbers – In 2012-13,’s revenue soared 50 times – to Rs 202 crore (Rs 2.02 billion) from Rs 4 crore (Rs 40 million) the previous year.Jabong has been strengthening its presence in the fashion space by launching global brands.

        I wish V2 starts its online portal soon

      • indianbull10 says:

        yes right, lets hope for the best 🙂

  41. Govind Toshniwal says:

    hi ace
    pls share ur view on kilburn engineering ltd at current cmp

  42. nirav karia says:

    Sir can u share ur view on virat crane limited. Thanks

  43. kmd says:

    Sir how the investment you see in the below stocks 1. Orchid chem 2. Panacea biotech 3.cenlub

  44. anujpress24 says:


    Your view on hexaware technology for long term. I want to add this share to my portfolio as it pays really good dividend …please share ur view


  45. kmd says:

    How u see pricol….

  46. tikambaghel says:

    Dear sir
    Please share your views on jindal saw ltd.

  47. Bala says:

    Ace, crude reached 75$ today, I think prima is going to have a honeymoon for the months ahead… I just added yesterday… thanks for the recommendation…

  48. Ravi multani says:

    mcl crude down to 4300
    down 5.5 percent…
    prima vl blast anytime..what’s ur view..

  49. Ravi multani says:

    typo mistake mcx crude

  50. Satheesh says:

    Wanbury & cyber tech are going down day by day…i lost faith on this blog… I’m trying exit…. But I got trapped…

    • I can understand. If not convinced about anything then you should not spend time and energy in it. Cybertech how can you be stuck when its not on LC. For wanbury did you read the first paragraph of stock story or just blindly bought it. If you lost faith on this blog my friend, noone is forcing you to come here. God Bless.

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