Freshtrop Fruits – Double in Less Than Two Months

Congratulations to all the Freshtrop Fruits’s  investors who have more than doubled their money in less than two months. Best of Luck with your investment and God bless all.

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543 Responses to Freshtrop Fruits – Double in Less Than Two Months

  1. Teja says:

    Thank you so much Ace… I bought this at 60, so have to wait till next week for it to double 😉 .. however not going to sell this gem in near term… let us see how many folds it is going to unfold… 🙂

  2. mayur says:

    Thanks Ace for great pick…added few more when it came down to 55 levels last month end from my initial purchase of 62…and yes patient paid off…will not sell a single share though…i know year end results will add more fresh fruits in same basket 🙂

  3. Bhupendra Shah says:

    Thanks a lot Ace
    Entered at @59 and enjoying the ride

  4. Darshan S says:

    Dear Ace, what is your opinion on Cyberteck & Mindtek systems.?

    I couldn’t find them from previous posts. I tried searching before requesting.

  5. Dinesh Agarwal says:

    Sir pls give your view on Nucleus Software?
    Seen some positive sign in this counter as promoter increase their stake presence of DK. Paying good dividend.
    They have decent softwares like Finnone which is world’s 1 no. lending software.Recently they launched more software which will add more revenue.
    Can it run like RS Software?

  6. Vipul says:

    Hi Ace,
    Started investing in your stocks recently – Cupid, Freshtop and Wanbury. Excellent research.

    Can you share your views on
    – TalBros Auto
    – Vimta Labs


  7. Prashant says:

    Hi AceJi,
    thanks a lot for finding such gems and helping us to learn.
    I have entered at 60 and conviction is getting stronger day by day .

    Thanks & Regards,

  8. sunny multani says:

    Hi ace.
    Can u please share your valuable view on natural capsules.

  9. anjum vohra says:

    Dear Ace, after buying your recomendations, earning in stock markets seems to be easy.So many stocks have doubled in just 2/3months.How do you do it man?Thanks & God bless !!!

  10. mayur says:

    Is Action Construction Equipment on the cusp of a turnaround?? seeking your views on it.

  11. vijay says:

    Bad news about cupid about promoter selling stocks Against the insider trading during 2nd quarter results please share your views on this news…. I bought cupid at rs 57.60 please tell me.. It’s the good time to hold our exit please tell me… Don’t tell a per your convince because I like your suggestion and I respect you

    • i did not understand …what you mean promoter selling stock against insider trading ??

      • vijay says:

        Yes.. Somebody informed on the money control board regarding selling the sales against insider trading…. And they have mentioned that the price of the share will come very low level…. Please I am in dilemma about that… Please guide me the correct news about this…

        • vijay, i am not getting what you mean by selling against insider trading….we know one promoter sold some quantity around 3 weeks back, but i am ok with it as we do not why he sold it. It could be just that he needed some money for personal use… anyways, can you clarify what you mean by selling against insider trading…maybe then i can explain better…

      • vijay says:

        They have sold the shares during closure of window it means during declaration of results… As per SEBI rule insider trading is not permitted but they have sold against the Sebi rule and now they are banned for that reason… It is a very big news.. You don’t know about this… Please share the comments on this…i am in dilemma

        • who said so ? do you know when the shares were sold and when the results were declared? did the company declare a trading window….and if not do you know what exactly is the trading window of in case a company does not declare a trading window?? Please do not spread rumours of company being at fault … man lets be educated individuals and not just blindly believe rumours…the person who told you this , please ask him these questions. probably he is telling you such false unqualified news as he is pissed off at losing the opportunity to invest in cupid…. and if you are still unable to get the answers post again..i’ll reply

      • vijay says:

        Ok now I am totally convinced about your information… And I love you so much…. Please share why the price is becoming more day by day please tell me

      • vijay says:

        A small correction why the price is becoming less day by day?

      • chirag says:

        There is no case of insider trading.. There is an idiot spreading rumors on the money control board ace… And if people in general can’t think for themselves and infer doubt any words of yoyrs will calm them down

        • The trading window shall be, inter alia, closed at the time of:-

          Declaration of Financial results (quarterly, half-yearly and annual)
          Declaration of dividends (interim and final)
          Issue of securities by way of public/ rights/bonus etc.
          Any major expansion plans or execution of new projects
          Amalgamation, mergers, takeovers and buy-back
          Disposal of whole or substantially whole of the undertaking
          Any changes in policies, plans or operations of the company

          the above happens if the company does not declare a trading window..cupid didnt so the trading by insiders cannot happen on the day of results and till next 24 hrs…and as far as i know the one promoter sold a bit of his shares around 10 days before results.. i hope this settles it.

  12. Sameer says:

    Any views on Tokyo Plasts? Since you recommended another plastics company, Prima plastics so was just curious about Tokyo plasts. Looking to hold it for long term.

  13. Chandan jha says:

    Hi Ace
    Plz share ur view on Ganesh ecosphere and camson biotech.

  14. thanks ace for this gem holding a big quantity at 63.8 levels. will hold for another 1 year at least and if the company continue to deliver than will hold for a long time. enjoying the fruits (profits)

  15. Jitendra says:

    Thanks ACE for recom. Freshtrop Fruit during market hours. I bought @ 57.00 and enjoying the fruits of your recommendation. Will hold for long term.

  16. dilip says:

    Hello aceji…..thanks for your wonderful recommendations….
    I have invested huge amount in v2 retail and almost doubled my money in such a short time….is it right time to sell or I can hold for long term?
    Can you please share your views on Jaiprakash power ventures?

  17. SN Prabhu says:

    Hi, Ace ,
    have missed many a calls…What do you think of Logix Micro?? Please opine

  18. thank you sir for the wonderful recommendation had bought it at 65,59 and 56 before it took off. as u said u have to have conviction about the share,i myself enquired about the company to a relative of mine who happens to be a farmer in nasik region about how the payments to farmers etc and the goodwill of the company is in addition to ur report,and then when i was convinced i entered when in was falling.thank u and god bless u

  19. MyInsignia says:

    I hope to see a similar post for Prima plastic very soon 🙂

  20. Tapas kumar says:

    Ace sir, ur precious view on sterlite technology and shriram epc. After the result of sterlite did it look like a multibegger because of their big order book and more to come.

  21. mahavir says:

    Hi ace
    Cerebra integrated technology. Waste recycling story. Ur views

  22. sangram says:

    Thanks for the freshtrop. Gained handsome returns. Please update your stance whenever there is change in views. It will be benifical for all of us

  23. rahul says:

    How do you like Ramco Industries ??
    Closed above multiyear high 85 !!
    Making a cup n handle / head n shoulders pattern with good volumes !! Will the stock continue to zoom or again come down !!

  24. Neeraj says:

    Please share your views on GLOSTER LTD.

    Thanks in Advance

  25. Hello Sir. This company is really doing good. Entered it at 103/- very late. Today came to know about your blog. You are really doing a great job for investors like me. All your scrips are doing good. Shall I enter in the present level in all the scrips ? Please advice…


  26. prateek says:

    Ace sir

    What are your views on singer india???

  27. Prem says:

    Hey aceinvestortrader GM, how could we get the detail of promoters of any company i mean to say whether they are serious for investor or for their company even after holding a good amount of shares of that company??

    • there’s no science to it unfortunately. you could see how they respond to shareholder queries, talk to them at AGMs, or meet their management/workers to get a feel of how they treat other stakeholders, see if they pay full taxes, and if they dont give dividends what are the reasons behind it etc etc.

  28. Sameer Anand says:

    Hi ACE,

    Can HIL (Hyderabad Industries Ltd) be considered as an undervalued growth story for investment?

  29. Saket says:

    Sir, what is your take on Multibase India?

  30. sunitha says:

    Sir ur views on menon pistons please

  31. anuj says:


    Your view on Kanpur Plastic ,Balmer Lawerie, Bhageria Dye-Chem Ltd.


  32. jai says:

    Sir, do u track AIA Engineering? If yes, pls share your views. Thnks

  33. Aluwalia says:

    Whats your view on LEHAR


  34. Yash says:

    Sir any views on bhageria dyechem?

  35. Yash says:

    okay sorry sorry it is just answered in above post,got it.

  36. Yash says:

    ok sorry sorry got it,it is just posted above

  37. anuj says:


    Your view on Haldyn Glass Ltd


  38. mahavir says:

    Hi Ace
    Please put some light on Era Infra fundamentals

  39. Raj Gupta says:

    Ace sir whats ur views on Spel semiconductor. N Mochi semiconductor…..

  40. Raj Gupta says:

    Sorry that was Moschip semiconductor for ur advice

  41. ravi multani says:

    hello ace
    result of avanti feed is excellent…do u see sentimental effect of that on waterbase stock as both r from same sector..

  42. sowrabh says:

    dear ace,should i buy cupid now?

  43. ravi multani says:

    thanks ace for ur reply….
    do u see sea food sector rerating….

  44. dear ace,
    ur view on syncom formula

  45. sowrabh says:

    dear ace are u tracking Lawreshwar Polymers?

  46. prateek says:

    Ace sir
    What’s the target price of capital first for 1 year???Q2 results are just fantastic.i think it can go upto 750-800 in 1 year?
    Also share your views on ahmednagar forgings…..

    • if you are an old reader of the blog you should know that i dont believe in price target…how can somebody give any target…? Targets are nothing but illusion…you must have seen brokerages giving targets and once they are met they revise it… why revise it if targets are met?? so its just illusion and one should not get into this game of “guessing” targets

  47. sonu says:

    wts ur view on shirpur gold…it is on way to mutl yr breakout level of 90-100….also q1 eps just equals last full yr eps…wts ur view….

  48. Advait Thakur says:

    Sir your view on Chembond Chemicals?

  49. Raj says:

    Hi Ace
    This is on Camson Bio.
    You once said that you don’t like it because of the management pedigree.
    Recently, I saw your post saying that you like their seeds business. Though it is getting demerged, the management still is going to remain the same.
    Have you recently changed your view on the management/ stock.

    • mahavir says:

      Nath Bio Gene is better than Camson Bio

    • I am not sure how can the management remain the same of two different companies. I am counting on different management being in place to manage two different listed entities.

      • Raj says:

        Dear Ace,
        Believe Camson is a small company the demerged entities in all likelihood would be handled by the same promoter group/ family – may be there would be some group/ family split.
        Even if the management is different, it is still not in the public domain which management will run the seeds business. Hence, was my query.

        • yes, so its subject to that. I am counting that the “management team” would be different and also i am curious to know what would be the promoter holding. if its what it is right now, i’ll give it a pass if better then we’ll evaluate further. Lets see, there’s no dearth of ideas in the market isnt it 🙂 ….God Bless.

  50. Tapas kumar says:

    Sir ple tell me in details abut the following shares .i want to invest in all these share.Is they r gud as a fundamental and hve they r value in it to deliver. 1 = shriram needle 2= kellton tech 3= sharp india 4= maxwell ind 5= gokuldas export

  51. Sir plz share your views on kriti industries

  52. apawsum says:

    Hi !! Good Morning ACE, am new entrant in your ACE club, look forward to great innings ahead!!

  53. amit says:

    why liberty not paying tax.when r they expected to start paying normal tax.if only one to be picked which is better gruh or repco

  54. ravi multani says:

    hello ace
    any idea wen prima plastic uc vl b broken..

    • dont know man…but it should be soon. what i think the real question is what should one do..i would suggest at the price one should see what is the PE and if someone finds value then take the plunge.with a 6.91 EPS even at 70rs its just 10 PE and that too trailing and with growth being what it is, it looks very compelling bet

  55. Ranu Gupta says:

    Dear sir,

    What is ur view on poddar pigment at cmp for long term ?

    I would like to follow this blog. Please .. let me know how i will get a mail on each post…


  56. iloveace says:

    Cupid didn’t get any orders last month the orders have been dressing….. Last month they have mentioned that they got a tie up with us company….. Please tell the orders and business of cupid… Please share your views on cupid at present

    • i already have shared that in the stock story. Also, as per last communique from them they have dispatched some order to these Safeware people. No more details are available. I am trying to fix a followup meeting with them to understand more about it. Also, i did not understand why do you need order flow every month/week. One should take the flow of order…till last year it was far and few and now its more regular. This is what you call trend and this trend is more important. Lets see when the next WHO order comes but hopefully it should be soon enough.

  57. prafulla says:

    Ace jee, I simply admire your immense patience and appropriate appraisal of each and every aspect of the queries in its perspective and indepth perception of the issues raised and giving reassuring explanation in so short and sweet replies.Hats off to you and God Bless

  58. sanjeev says:

    hello ace, appreciate your views on orbit exports

  59. sir,kriti industries manufacture plastic pipes etc which are used in irrigation,construction,gas supply etc .They have strong brand like “Kasta” which is quiet popular among farmers.I think your comment regarding its highly “commoditized business” relates to “Kriti Nutrients” which is also belong to same promoter group.My question was regarding Kriti Industries.Awaiting your valuable inputs.

  60. Renu says:

    Hello Ace , Please share your views on Amtek Auto ?

  61. Al Hakkam says:

    Dear Ace sir, your view on Sanghi Industries?

  62. indianbull10 says:

    Ace one observation – On friday, 7 Nov, V2R witnessed highest volumes on NSE since Jan13. V2R is in T2T segment, that means all of friday’s volume was 100% delivery based. I sense good days ahead in V2R.

    • chirag says:

      Interesting. There is something called chikou span crossing. Something related to technical analysis. I’ve read that v2 is expected to double according to this indicator. It turned out to be a good predictor for arrow coated and some other stocks. Can anyone give insights?

      • indianbull10 says:

        i have been reading posts by this guy called “soaringfalcon” on moneycontrol messageboard of V2R. He seems pretty confident about this chikou span and V2R doubling from current levels!

  63. ur view on national plastic and manali petro

  64. Sameer Anand says:

    Wanbury Kay achhe din kab aayengey? Every stock getting doubled in 2 months.

  65. mitajakom says:

    Hi Ace,

    Do you track SME segment? If yes, can we compare cybertech with Adcc infocad? Both looks into GIS business and does ADCC looks far more cheaper than cybertech in that sense?

    • not interested in ADCC and i would probably now refrain from commenting on cybertech and for some reason i am getting frantic emails from people assuming that it is my next pick. this is not true and cybertech is just under research as many other ideas and its only that this research is in final legs so it could well turn out to be another junk. So lets not discuss cybertech in that sense now.

  66. Kiran says:

    Hi Ace,

    Please let me know your views about Geojit BNP Paribas, PTC India Financial, Superhouse and MPS.



  67. Rajkumar says:

    Hi Ace sir,
    Whatz your view on L&T Finance for long term?

    Thanks & Regards
    M Rajkumar

  68. prateek says:

    Ace sir,
    What are your views on maxwell industries??

  69. sangram says:

    Hi aceji what’s your view on plastiblends india

  70. Tapas kumar says:

    Sir, just simple question to u is which following companies r looking multibegger from ur point of view , . Sir its a question in hope to get ans by u . 1= sharp india. 2= shriram needle 3= sterlite tech 4= spice island 5= necter life

  71. neeraj says:

    could you please explain? strike has ended but why there is no movement in wanbury

  72. Radheshyam Sunder says:

    Very intereting going on here.Initially people who were interested in discussing stocks were here. AKA Invetsors…Now people want tips here. Stock not moving …Can we buy now…I wonder whether people are traders here? All of us want quick money, but please understand ACE is really ACE. His research the best. Doubles triples is not the only thing we are looking…Invest without losing sleep. Discuss the business. ..all of us benefit…I am sorry ACE I could not control myself..This is your site . But follow things …

  73. Darshan S says:

    Dear Ace,

    What is your opinion on ‘BRIGADE ENTERPRISES’ , ‘EDELWEISS FINANCIAL’ , ‘Sita Shree foods’ . ‘Kwality’ & ‘Kohinoor Foods’ , if you are tracking ? Anything sounds interesting.?

    Btw, do you have a facebook page ?

    Good day,
    Darshan S.

  74. prateek says:

    Ace sir,
    What are your views on Daikafill chemical and dishman pharma??just see their quarterly results, are quite good….

  75. rashmi says:

    okk,thnx,i will search for it

  76. mayur says:

    Any idea when is the Aimco Pesticides results to be announced? I did not find results date or they yet to be declared date for it?

  77. chandan says:

    sir views on walchandnagar n spicejet..long term

  78. dear ace
    pls share ur veiw on welyspun syntex at current cmp

  79. Vandana says:

    Hi Ace,
    Thanks for Freshtrop, any comment on Store One Retail.

  80. pruthvi says:

    Sir. Your view on shetron please. Interesting clients and products. Comany is turning around. Is it a good buy?

  81. Kumar says:

    Sir, ur take on tokyo plast at cmp (Rs. 40) ?

  82. Power says:

    What do you think about Vamshi Rubber. Dividend paying, in the same segment of indag rubber

  83. pruthvi says:

    Sir how about Bdh ind?
    Company has a special pharama product.

  84. mayur says:

    Any views on Tube Investment of India from Murugappa group?

  85. nisheeth says:

    Hi Ace,

    Any advice on Sturdy Industries.. Being in the right industry, does it have a potential to be bigger and better ?


  86. Kumar says:

    most respected sir, in that case, in which stock would u be willing to invest at cmp. Considering the fact that a small retail investor like me is yet to enter prima plastics at cmp. Dear sir, please answer my question as I urgently need to invest and make returns for the education

  87. T. TEJAS says:

    sirjee, i want to invest in pharma for diversifying my portfolio. any recommendation for that would be highly helpful

  88. Advait Thakur says:

    I must appreciate that you reply to each & every question asked here.
    your views on 1. Sudarshan Chem. 2. Shilchar Technologies. plz. Thank you.

  89. Khansalimx says:

    Waterbase net profit at 384 lakhs compared to 789 last quarter with high tax of 461 compared to 261 last quarter…ace your comments please on EPS of 1.0 compared to 1.94

    • i like the results..turnover is almost same as last quarter…and YoY its really great…just because of high tax provision the eps suffers which i am fine with.

      • chirag says:

        even i feel results are good… any idea about such high tax ? almost 4 times YOY increase.. let us see what mr. market has to say.. although waterbase needs to deliver good numbers for atleast this fin year to get a pe in line with the giant avanti.. as of now, it commands a comfortable pe

  90. indianbull10 says:

    Ace, whats the story with Nitco? 21 to 33 non stop.

  91. a.p. says:

    Hello ace, whats your view on Aimco’s promoters quality, I mean approach to the minority shareholders, which is the most important factor for future price performance? I find no negative, but also no positive. You may have studied or even interact in your own way. Can you comment on this.

    • a.p. says:

      I mean 1000cr sales Excel crop care running on a debt of around 40cr…. Whats d need for 1000cr debt limit consideration when you have just started growing and debt was the mistake in past. I know its debt free as of now, but this is a negative though in my mind. Well you said wait till results, but price is running fast. And can a good quarter, which is usually best for agrochemicals, be considered as basis for further investment?

  92. Khansalimx says:

    Hi ace does that mean there will be good improvement in EPS in next quarter for Waterbase as the tax is almost covered up in this quarter.

  93. Praveen says:

    Hi Ace,

    Any idea when can we expect your new post? I know it’s too early to ask but just thought of asking as I am a big fan of yours and like the way your analysis is done. Looking forward to it.


  94. sanjeev jain says:

    sir , can lovable lingerie be bought in view of agreement with addidas , will there be re-rating of the stock .your views will be highly appreciated
    sanjeev jain

  95. prtaeek says:

    Ace sir,
    Why don’t you start your paid subscription so that paid members will be able to buy before the script is locked in uc.Please think about it seriously,
    Hoping that prima plastics uc will break soon……..

  96. Nikhil Biswas says:

    dearest sir, is it lucrative to enter galaxy entertainment and nitco at the current levels.. sir ur guidance is eagerly being waited for! 🙂

  97. rajeshkpy says:

    sir what’s your view on KPIT and RSSoftware, this is the first time I am posting to your blog, not sure you will entertain my comments.

  98. Tamil vanan.S says:

    Sir whats your view on EPC industries and shree hari chemicals.Can I enter CMP?

  99. Sriram says:

    What’s your views on haldyn glass & nitin spinners? I searched the blog but don’t find any comments. Pls.

  100. skdc14 says:

    Sir, do u track Arvind Remedies? If yes, pls share your views. I am holding some shares. Shall I hold them or sell ? Thnks

  101. Divi says:

    Desr Ace,

    Regarding liberty shoes..
    its PAT may goes up by 3 fold due to restructuring by FY16.
    but will Equity share capital increase due to restructuring..currently equity share capital is 1.71 cr..
    if Equity share capital increases then EPS gets diluted..but how many new shares will be issued is Question..

  102. Swetal says:

    Sir plz share ur valuable opinion on Aimco pesticides and Gujarat Borosil.
    Thnx in advance…

  103. Tapas kumar says:

    Sir tons of tnks 4 ur precious views. As far as ur recomendation is concern we all r running and PRIMA PLASTIC is flying, so til now we dont get it . Ur views and ideas seems to be master piece. Tnkks j

  104. Khansalimx says:

    Waterbase in bad shape with 10% down!

  105. mayur says:

    Guys, Prima circuit has broken… go and buy who wish to do so..i got it at 53…cheers!!

    • Prashant says:

      Hi All,
      me too got my share at 53, it broke circuit earlier than my expectations 🙂
      Its still available .
      Thanks & Regards,

  106. Rahul says:

    Hi Ace,

    Whats your views on Porwal Auto Components.

    CRISIL has upgraded its rating yesterday


  107. Navin Sharma says:

    Finally Got Prima Today @ 52/-. Feeling top of the World!!

  108. mahavir says:

    Dhaynwavad Aceji aaj prima aavi gayo @53

  109. venkata says:

    got prima.@50.85 lets see how it goes from here on.. 🙂

  110. Nikhil Biswas says:

    Sir, Really hope this reco of ur clicks.. my first purchase today! 🙂

  111. Nikhil Biswas says:

    could u pls throw some light on alok industries

  112. How do you like 1) Shipping Corporation of India 2) Balmer Lawrie 3) Praj

    Would you recommend me to sell the holdings in above and invest in stocks like 4) Gruh 5) Repco 6) Hawkins 7) Page instead?

  113. Kiran says:


    Majority of your companies are decalring bad result and falling after declaration of result.Should we exit just before result in all cases ?

  114. Tamil vanan.S says:

    Sir whats your comments on water base result? I am holding from60. Your opinion on golden tobacco?

  115. J Gopal says:

    Dear ACE,

    Can we expect Avanti Feeds kind of return from Freshtrop Fruits ?


  116. mayur says:

    ACE ji, freshtrop today just got doubled for me also 🙂 cheers!!
    Patience really paid off and I must say power of Patience can do wonders….

  117. jai says:

    prima plastics’ eps as per moneycontrol is Rs. 2.90/- and not 6.90/-. why this discrepancy?

  118. Amit says:

    Dear Ace,
    Can you let me know if you track ‘Rossell India’ and if looks a good bet at these levels?

  119. rashmi says:

    hi ace!haldyn glass has given a nice upmove,plz give ur views on it

  120. mano3427 says:

    can i add aimco at these levels?
    if results are good will b difficult to get after that

  121. prafulla says:

    WaterBase : Some times patience pays off just i like in case of Fresshfruits. Some times patience Patience also destroys wealth as has happened in with Waterbase results .God knows where it will setledown. And raises doubt about managerial quality

    • i thought move from 18 to 66 is pretty stellar… what makes you doubt management quality or you are just saying for the sake of it.

    • Prashant says:

      I prafulla,
      journey of waterbase till 90s was amazing and it was like rocket.
      I was newcomer to the blog when it was flying . There are many like me who will be waiting for good entry point in this fantastic scrip .

      One should look if he is comfortable with the price he is buying, I was not comfortable with high of waterbase so did not bought and today am happy for that .
      Lets us not blame others for our greed .

      Thanks & Regards,

  122. deepak01jun says:

    Hi Ace,
    I am holding Wanbury since long time in expectation of turnaround.
    will it be visible in coming quarter result.

  123. prafulla says:

    Cupid: There only about 2.50 lac shares for sale about Rs 1o be low its recent high.T I wonder why some big and strong operators are not coming forward to buy this gem so with bright prospects!

  124. shailesh says:

    Sir,ur view ant apcotex and ganesh ecosphere pls.

  125. Manu says:

    Dear Ace, can you let me have your views on Indiabulls Wholesale? its seems to be interesting stock

  126. ravi multani says:

    hello ace
    bought prima today……today’s strong closing with uc gives signal of strong buying happened on this price also…do u think strong hands have come at this level …

  127. Bunny says:

    What’s your take on sharp India result?

  128. prafulla says:

    Fresh trop Fruits: ACE jee I bought 200 FRESHTROT fruits rather very late, just yesterday before freeze and I bought these only because I had read its higlights from your research papers. I feel Fresh fruit could be something big like Jubilant foods

  129. ravi multani says:

    prima results r on 13 november????

  130. Vinay says:

    Dear aceji, in your earlier post you said you are researching Dynemic Products. Sir, please write about it because the stock has the potential to double from here. It is one of India’s biggest food colour exporter and very good financials. Thanks in advance!!

    • why do you want me to write about it when you have already researched the company?

      • Vinay says:

        No Sir, please dont take me wrong, but you have the quality of differentiating between good and bad stocks. So if you say you do not like a share, then we will ignore it or pay less importance to it and go to some better one. This is the reason your kind advise is required.

      • zoom says:

        He wants you to add steroids to the stock.@ Vinay, ace does not recommend stocks above 50rs. Your out of luck here sry Although, its a brilliant stock, he probably owns it but its against his 50 rs principle.

  131. Manu says:

    Dear Ace,

    what are your views on Indiabulls wholesale and somi conveyer?


  132. dear ace,
    pls explain me what is this opening of trading window eg: “R Systems International Ltd has informed BSE that the Company has published the financial results for the Quarter & Nine Months ended September 30, 2014 and has also made disclosure for other business approved by the Board of Directors and thus, the trading window for dealing in the Equity Shares of the Company for the directors/officers/designated employees of the Company in accordance with “R Systems International Limited Code of Internal procedures & conduct for Prevention of Insider Trading” is now open w.e.f. October 31, 2014.”

  133. Ravi says:

    Thanks for your rec on Freshtrop . Till what price entry can be made in Prima plastics .

  134. Divi says:

    Hi Ace,
    This is regarding Kitex garments..
    KGL is merging its KCL (non listed entity) into KG by 2016..
    Equity capital increases here any which way KCL directors will get benifit..
    if number of shares inccreases then then EPS gets diluted..then its not any use for stake holders of KGL…

    can you give me u r opinion on this..

    • look into the documents there have provided.There’s difference between total equity capital and paidup equity capital. e.g in case of liberty paid up does not increase there’s no EPS dilution

  135. indianbull10 says:

    Ace, super results by V2R!!!!! Sales 70.64cr and PAT 2.2cr!!! AWESOME!

  136. indianbull10 says:

    thank you Ace. u dont know how you are changing people’s and my life thru ur work. gratitude to u from the bottom of my heart!

  137. Manthan says:

    What is your view on Gayatri Projects?

  138. jayprakash says:

    Dear Friend & Mentor,
    Belated Happy Birthday…
    Wish u lots of wonderful years ahead..

  139. Altaf says:

    where can i see v2 retail results ? all are shouting on mmb board. . pls update..

  140. rashmi says:

    ace ur conviction and ur picks are awesome,i totally trust ur judgement,thnx a lot and bless you!!!

  141. ravi multani says:

    hello ace
    have u met prima plastic management bcoz in ur stock story u have not mention it…

  142. chirag says:

    ace have been conducting a bit of research related to Saurastra cement , a potential turnaround story since last 2 days (someone posed a q regarding this).. have spent quite a bit of time on the numbers.. but no way to gauge qualitative aspect.. the promotors!

    you mentioned that one should be very careful about understanding stocks like this and that youve been tracking the company for so long.. can you share any major red flag that should be looked into before i decide to buy.. 1 most imp point I MUST LOOK INTO

    thanks !

  143. shiva says:

    ACe ji, today luckily i got prima stocks… @ 53…………… thank u
    what is ur opinion abt andhra bank, escorts, gabriel, gammon, sterlite and shanthi gears

  144. Kumar says:

    Sir, a few days back I had asked you which company shall i put money into.. U said that I should wait for V2 results.. What is ur take now? Please reply sir.. ur response might just help me shape my dream 🙂

  145. zoom says:

    Sir jee, Another blog person put the share on a blog about cybertech…… can we buy at cmp ?

  146. ravi multani says:

    hello ace
    largest public holder of prima plastic has sold 215000 shares….i think he has better connection with management and if he is selling than isn’t thiss is concern….still he is holding 335000 shares…whats ur view..thanks

  147. Khansalimx says:

    Thanks ace….V2 has given wonderful results both on Q2Q and Y2Y….especially on Y2Y with from 0.17 cr loss to 3.36 cr….holding since @ 27 in huge nos…God bless…

  148. Khansalimx says:

    Thanks ace….V2 has given wonderful results both on Q2Q and Y2Y….especially on Y2Y with 0.17 cr loss to 3.36 cr profit holding since @ 27 in huge nos…God bless…

  149. Khansalimx says:

    Ace one advice….is it worth holding Sanghvi movers to aimco or prima for long term….I am convinced on all three but do not know the best 1 or 2……suggest.

  150. venkata says:

    Hello sir,
    One sincere request from my side is please post two recommendations at time or may be with in a week duration. So people have two stocks to target, so at least one of them can buy.
    Prima plastics recommended @38 people have got it @52-53 range after every day UC. So the Margin of safety has been reduced for those who got it today. If you can recommend two stocks at time, so every one can shares in few days of your recommendation for those who are following ACE.

  151. venkata says:

    Hi Sir,
    One sincere request from my side is please post two recommendations at time or may be with in a week duration. So people have two stocks to target, so at least one of them can buy.
    Prima plastics recommended @41.75 people have got it @52-53 range after every day UC. So the Margin of safety has been reduced for those who got it today. If you can recommend two stocks at time, so every one can shares in few days of your recommendation for those who are following ACE.

  152. Kumar says:

    Can somebody pls explain me the criteria for the uc limite to change from one bracket to another? The uc for Prima was 5% till yesterday. Today it became 10%. So, when will the uc of v2 move from 5% to 10%?

  153. indianbull10 says:

    Ace, u show tremendous patience! I am appalled at some of the questions asked!

  154. skdc14 says:

    Sir, I have in my portfolio..1) Sintex 2) Gabriel India 3) SKM Egg Products 4) Meghmani Organics 5) Freshtrop Fruits 6) Prima Plastics

    Sir anything in my portfolio you are not interested. Sir will you help me adding one more scrip in my portfolio…

    Thanking you.

  155. nirav karia says:

    Ace is freshtrop can purchased at cmp or u think some correction is possible then purchase. Thanks

  156. MyInsignia says:

    Hi Ace,

    Any comments on Dynacon Systems and Solutions.


  157. jayprakash says:

    Do you track Fluidomat? Is it worth buying at CMP?

  158. Praveen says:

    Ace, do you like india gelatine? Came up with excellent results. Your view pls. Thanks!

  159. venkata says:

    Please share your opinion on BILCARE, is it turnaround story started? If NOT please suggest levels to add for limited downside risk.

  160. venkata says:

    Can you please share opinion on SANGHI INDUSTRIES (GUJARAT BASED MIDCAP CEMENT PRODUCTION CMPNY) and consistent growth for last quarters and bullish at it by many fund houses.

  161. jayprakash says:

    Pls share ur views on om metal. Thnks

  162. Kumar says:

    sir, prima is sliding.. shall we buy at dips or wait for consolidation

  163. Nagu says:

    Hi Ace. By comparing Tokyo plastic with Prima plastic, I feel Tokyo equally more promising. Would like to have your opinion. Though it won’t look great in your perspective, but your comment will help. Thanks in advance. God bless ☺

  164. Zoom says:

    Thank you ace sirjee, avg price 6000 shares 61…. sold 3000 shares at 127. Now i sit with profit only.

  165. Rakesh says:

    Hi Ace,
    Whats your view on Dynamatic Tech, Arman Financial Services, and Garware Wall Ropes

  166. Altaf says:

    please share your views on Kirloskar Ferro

  167. jayprakash says:

    Pls share your opinion on Gujarat Automotive Gears. Thanks

  168. deepak01jun says:

    Hi Ace,
    Please share your views on celestial bio.

  169. chitresh says:

    your views on selan exploration and rain industries?

  170. Rajesh says:

    Do you see any impact of the new RBI regulations on the NBFC sector? Specifically SKS, CapF, Repco

  171. Ravi says:

    Hi Ace,

    Is cybertech still under research or turned out to be a junc?

    God bless


  172. Zoom says:

    Sir jee when is next stock out?

  173. Nikhil Biswas says:

    Thank u ace.. I am a new follower of ur blog. Prima was my first purchase. The portfolio is already green. Hope the green will become greener! 🙂

  174. prateek says:

    Please delay your report till 9:30 am tomorrow so that we will be able to buy it before it is locked in uc.Actually i was having a close watch on it from 4-5 days still i bought it today that too in small qty.i know if u publish your report we will not get it upto 100 rs or even more as some operators are also following you.please please please delay your report some more hours…..

    • mayur says:

      I second it…pls sir

      • Nikhil Biswas says:

        Sir, I completely agree with the above two followers.. Please..

      • AA says:

        Will the delay stop anyone now? The cat is out of the bag. I guess everyone will get their fair share tomorrow. As those without conviction won’t enter it before results have been declared….

    • Rakesh says:

      He is already doing us a favor by putting lot of efforts and coming up with these ideas. I feel he should have complete freedom on when he wants to publish it. Name is already out and ppl already started talking about it in moneycontrol forum, does not make any difference when he publishes the report.

  175. venkatesh says:

    Hi Ace Sirji,

    I heard about Manjushree delisting.

    Can you please let me know about the implication, i am not able to understand completely. Your advice will really help me take my decision.

    • it seems they are trying to delist…not read the full proposal though

    • sam says:

      Dear Venkatesh, read point 2 in the PDF file on the page link u have given…. Its a positive indication. Did you notice it was up 20% today? They are thinking to delist as someone is buying 24% at 455 rupees a share..
      Dear Ace, I’d appreciate if you can give the actual picture on this delisting issue of manjushree as some people may take it as a negative step.

  176. Bela says:

    please comment on WaterBase…why it is going down…?

  177. Nikhil Biswas says:

    sir, ur comment on saurashtra cement..

  178. venkata says:

    Hi sir,
    Can you please share your thoughts on Kopran results. It is hold or sell or can add more?

  179. hi ace,
    pls share ur view on kwality products,haldyn glass,coral labs at current cmp

  180. venkata says:

    Hi sir,
    Can you please share your thoughts on Kopran results. It is hold or sell or can add more?

  181. Sagar says:

    Hi Ace,
    Whats your opinion on Singer results? The revenue has increased by 25% YOY but the profits have gone down. Any comments?

  182. indianbull10 says:

    Ace, out of the recommendations so far, which company has delivered the best results and seems most promising?

  183. anujpress24 says:


    Your view on UFLEX.

    Ace any comments on the waterbase results please. Should we hold the share ,are you still convinced of the story. Kindly share your views as we are invested in it.

    Also When is the next order for Cupid from who might be coming any idea.


    • uflex not interested… waterbase results are good. no problem with that for sure. For cupid how can i know when the next order is coming ?

      • SK says:

        Hi Ace

        Why you are turning arrogant when we raise questions about stocks you recommended. Youreslf said in your posting that you are in good contact with company management and making discussions before recommending anything in your blog. They why are you not trying to contact them again for clarifications . It seems , from the moment the stock recommended by you starts its downward journey you are loosing interest in it and showing arrogance to anyone raising any questions about such stocks. Even if you repeatedly saying ” nothing to worry ” market is not taking the result of Waterbase as positive . Can we hold it further or exit ?

        • What’s wrong is what i said? how can i know about the company’s future orders? Thats illegal. Also, unfortunately i do not have hotlines to company management and have to take appointments before i can catch them. It takes weeks and months. As far as waterbase is concerned, what’s the problem with the results? Market may do what it wants to do in the short term but long term it pays for performance. My views on cupid and waterbase are very clear and i always tell investors to use their own conviction for decision making. I am not managing portfolios but just giving my views. The stock has gone up from 18.5 rs to 97 rs and now back to 60…still 250% up. I dont understand why cant we understand businesses and evaluate what to do rather than looking at screen at deciding.

    • indianbull10 says:

      😦 sad to see the kind of questions thrown at you Ace 😦

      • these comments from newbies dont sting as much as some of the emails that blog regulars send. Anways thats life, and in democracy everyone is entitled for an opinion 🙂 therefore, chose to publish comments like these too. God Bless

  184. Prem says:

    Hello ACE, nectar life science result is not appreciable :(….is this stock still a safe side as u mentioned before??? thank you

  185. Prem says:

    PATELS AIRTEMP (INDIA) LTD result is also out and its looking promising….whats your view on this stock….need your help

  186. Altaf says:

    Dear All,

    please use your own conviction and understand the difference between price n value…

    btw way ACE has shown his views in many good scripts. so, again & again dont ask to Ace abt his views on all other garbage stocks… you ppl r irritating him.. and saying tht he’s turning arrogant.. pls focus on company businesses and go ahead.. dont always rely on ace..


  187. skdc14 says:

    Sir Ace are you tracking Manali Petrochemicals ? Any way your view…


  188. venkata says:

    Hi Ace,
    Few requests from my side..
    1. Why are you responding to such questions like “”””Haha cybertech Hacked n crashed 😛 Told you its not worth buying!!!”””” and there there is a big thread run on this comment.. Please answer good queries which can help everyone.
    2. Please allocate your dedicated valuable time frame every day to answer followers questions rather than answering all over the day.
    3. Please add some filter(which requires your permission) for publishing comments on this blog. Blog can have meaningful questions.
    I am suggesting them because you can put your more energy on identifying great MULTIBAGGER stocks going forward.

    Let work talks 🙂

  189. venkata says:

    Hi Ace,
    Few requests from my side..
    1. Why are you responding to such questions like “”””Haha cybertech Hacked n crashed 😛 Told you its not worth buying!!!”””” and there there is a big thread run on this comment.. Please answer good queries which can help everyone.
    2. Please allocate your dedicated valuable time frame every day to answer followers questions rather than answering all over the day.
    3. Please add some filter(which requires your permission) for publishing comments on this blog. Blog can have meaningful questions.
    I am suggesting them because you can put your more energy on identifying great MULTIBAGGER stocks going forward. Let work talks 🙂

  190. hey could you please post is again.sorry unable to find it

  191. The results are out today for Freshtrop, how would you rate the results : 10.22 cr vs 7.25 cr in revenues, PBT is 0.72 profit vs 0.26 loss. The processing business seems to be going on growth path, 8.1 vs 5.1 there too. Do you think the processing business has picked up and this trend is to be seen for several more quarters?

  192. Piyush says:

    Hey Ace , I am a late entry into this . is Freshtrop still a buy at current CMP

  193. shilpi says:

    Agree. But seems like buzz was there coz of Q2 result Not this is in consolidation untill Q3 result come. Do you agree with this logic.

    • we never know what trigger might come and more importantly if this consolidation would happen in a 10 point range or a 50 point range, so just observe for some time and then one should take a plunge…its also possible that it might just keep on consolidating till next results….

  194. acefollower says:

    Sir what is the reason that cybertech is showing weakness even when market is going up.

  195. jayprakash says:

    Pls share your views on Poddar Pigments. Thanks

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